I Found A Cheaper Photo Booth in Southern California. Should I Go With Them Instead?

If you read our About Us page, you’ll see that we’ve serviced 100’s of events for over 5 years. Since 2017 to be exact. In this industry, it’s easy for a startup company to purchase cheaper-end photobooth equipment, and offer inferior services. On numerous occasions, clients have told us that our setup is much nicer than others they’ve booked in the past.

The printer we use is one of the 2 top industry leading performers as it instantly prints out strips or larger singular photos after each session. The photo booths we use are over $5000 apiece. We work with industry leading companies to offer you premium backdrop selections and accessories for your events.


We offer competitive and reasonable prices. If you find a different company that offers cheaper prices, let us know on our Contact Us form, and we’ll do our best to match their prices.

Lately at least 1 of our competitors have started charging low prices for using the 360 photobooths. If we’re not able to match those prices, we’ll give you an explanation on why we’re not able to support for that low of a price, and how that company will likely not be able to fully support the high influx of client requests due to their low pricing.

Similarly as companies charge absurdly large amounts of $ for guides on getting rich quickly online, startup photo booth companies who charge absurdly low prices usually with inferior services give this industry a bad name. In the past, client’s wedding photos have been completely wiped out or lost due to poor management/handling.

On the other hand – Lights, Props, and Smiles has an expert webmaster in charge of website management. With his experience dating back to 2011, he assists the owners in ensuring the best practices are implemented through industry leading services. Your website and HD photos are maintained through high-end web hosting and are backed up multiple times. With our over 5 years of experience servicing photo booths in Southern California, you’re in strong hands with us.


3 famous monopolies that have existed in the past are John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, Andrew Carnegie’s Steel Company (now U.S. Steel), and the American Tobacco Company. The Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890 was one of the major starting points that led to breaking these monopolies up.

What we’re trying to say is, we encourage healthy competition. Although Lights, Props, and Smiles has built into a reputable trusted company as shown by our Yelp reviews, it’s currently not possible for us to work more than 4 or 5 events simultaneously. We work with other trusted partners that we can refer you to. What we don’t encourage are start-up companies charging absurdly low prices and putting your HD photos on cheap services that put your photos at risk of getting lost, stolen, or wiped out.