Can I Rent A Photobooth If I’m Over Two Hours Away In Southern California?

Generally speaking, the owners or one of their primary on-site attendants will be able to travel to you. For long distances, you may need to pay an add-on fee to cover gas costs.

We’re comfortable with covering 3 main points: Up to the Mexico border near San Diego, around 29 Palms, and around the Los Angeles area. If you fall within this general area, you’re within a good driving distance.

It’s possible for us to cover an event that is further out than that, but we’d need to plan ahead of time. At least 1 of our primary attendants is willing to take leave and travel to the San Francisco or western Arizona areas. The owners Elisio and Laura Huerta can also accommodate long trips on a case by case basis.

If we’re not able to travel to you, we’ll let you know ahead of time after you book or contact us. Then we’ll refer you to one of our trusted partners or help you find a reputable photography business.