Accepted Payment Methods and How We Backup Your Priceless Photos

After you book your event with us on Check Cherry, we ask that you pay no later than 15 minutes prior to the end of your event. The regular way is to pay on Check Cherry. However, we also accept many other types of payments. This includes Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, and cash.

We also accept checks, although city officials and school systems are generally the only clients that pay using this method.

How We Store/Backup Your Priceless Photos & Videos

You may have heard about how other companies have mishandled, lost, and either intentionally or accidentally deleted clients priceless photos. The only thing we do to your photos are edit them a little, only if needed, to improve their quality. You’ll never have to worry about us losing your photos as we keep copies of ALL your photos and videos on multiple hosting platforms/devices.

On rare occasions, there are times when we’re unable to receive payment from one of our clients before the end of their event. That may be due to the client leaving early while forgetting to pay, an emergency, or drank a little too much to think clearly. We understand unfortunate things sometimes out of your control can happen and we’ll work with you in a professional and respectful manner until whatever issue you have gets resolved. We’ll encourage payment as soon as possible, but we absolutely won’t threaten you, or delete your photos/videos.

We’ll always keep your photos/videos safely backed up and on file with us.